The 3-day low carb egg diet, sometimes called, the raw diet, is a very restrictive diet, which involves only a short span of consuming mainly raw eggs (from which butter and cheese are extracted), butter, and cheese (from which cheese and butter are not extractable). As the name implies, this diet typically takes up between 3 days and 5 days (depending on which form you consume the eggs — from raw to cooked). Because of its restrictive nature, this diet shouldn’t be extended, because it could lead to some dangerous health issues.

There are many different versions of the raw egg diet. Some people eat one or two raw eggs, others don’t eat any eggs at all. Another variation of this diet has people consuming only egg whites. So basically, you can find people eating boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, or just plain cooked eggs. Of the different versions of this diet, those who eat boiled eggs have the greatest problems with this form of diet.

The rapid weight loss component of the egg diet is caused by the high levels of dietary fiber that the person ingests. It is composed of inorganic chemical compounds that act as “fasteners” for the egg whites. When these compounds attach themselves to the proteins in the egg, they immediately bind together, resulting in the egg whites becoming very tightly compacted. This results in very little room for the nutrients contained within the egg whites to pass through the body as well as to hasten the rate at which the body needs to burn off food.

This results in an immediate increase in the rate at which the body burns off calories. In many ways, this makes the egg diet quite similar to the Atkins Diet. Atkins promotes the consumption of foods containing mostly carbohydrates and a significantly reduced amount of the protein, while the Egg Diet promotes the consumption of large amounts of proteins but with very low levels of carbs. Because the proteins in eggs are very high in choline, however, some nutritionists believe that those with high blood choline levels should severely limit their intake of eggs.

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Im writing mostly about health and beauty but also about some other helpful tips and tricks: ,

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Mark Berte

Mark Berte

Im writing mostly about health and beauty but also about some other helpful tips and tricks: ,

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